Where nature comes to play.

“For 30 years before we came to have The Bower, we poured our time and hearts into environmental preservation and animal welfare projects. This is a passion we have passed on to our children. So our family wanted this estate to be more than just a place for events and weddings; it’s a long term conservation project. Your celebrations help the bigger picture of this land and preserve our flora and fauna for generations to come.

Some of the groups and projects we are involved in:

We are registered with Land For Wildlife, a voluntary program where landholders commit to managing wildlife habitat for greater sustainability outcomes for South East Queensland.

For over 12 years we have actively engaged in conservation projects, received grants and contributed to local research through programs including:

  • Land For wildlife

  • PlatypusWatch (through City of Gold Coast)

  • Springbrook Wildlife Appreciation Group

  • South East Queensland Waterways weed management and native replanting

  • Planting of eucalyptus species plantations on the property for regenerating Koala corridors

  • Gold Coast Hinterland pest management group

We have done significant native planting and pest management at The Bower to return this former farming land to it’s native state; encouraging the return of native flora and fauna to the region. In the last few years we have been lucky to see wallaby, platypus and koala species return to the area through these projects. We hope we can ignite your passion for conservation and you can love our space just as much as we do.